After the Rockets lost to the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, it appeared that rapper and probable basketball deity Lil B had put his beef with James Harden to bed.

Granted, Lil B only lifted his patented BasedGod Curse off of Harden after the Rockets star broke the record for most turnovers in a playoff game.

However, events recently took an unfortunate turn for James Harden thanks to a video that was posted by TMZ Sports on Wednesday morning. In it, Harden claimed to know nothing about The BasedGod Curse or Lil B.

Unfortunately for Harden, Kreayshawn did some digging of her own and alerted her fellow Bay Area rapper to a Tweet that Harden made 4 years ago that proves that Harden was lying in the above clip.

Unsurprisingly, Lil B was not pleased and now Harden may soon have the dreaded BasedGod Curse placed upon him once again.

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