Well, it was nice while it lasted. James Harden played out of his mind on Monday night to help the Houston Rockets stave off elimination at the hands of the Golden State Warriors but now all hope is lost for Harden and Houston because Lil B is coming to Oracle Arena.

The Warriors aren’t messing around anymore.

Lil B is especially well-known for the Based God’s Curse that he famously placed on Kevin Durant after Durant dissed his music back in 2011 and for turning his ire towards Harden for supposedly stealing his cooking dance move.

And as if it wasn’t entirely clear who Lil B is going to target with all of his otherworldly powers on Wednesday, the rapper issued this decree as well.

It’s hard to not pity Harden and the Rockets under these cirucmstances. The Warriors don’t need any more help in reaching the NBA Finals. Adding Lil B to the mix just seems unfair.

[For the Win]