Do diehard sports fans get more whipped up more about preseason, player and game predictions or a wildly important global issue that could impact millions of lives? Although there is no evidence to accurately identify which is the correct answer, it can be safely assumed that a huge chunk of that population will be more interested in the meaningless “expert” predictions.

As the dust settles from Ohio State’s immensely impressive victory over Oregon and playoff critics continue to get fussy over anything and everything playoff-related, we are seeing the annual “Way Too Early” predictions for 2015. Let the madness begin once again…how dare you rank TCU No. 1 above a loaded Buckeyes team!

The final rankings for the season are done, not that any reasonable college football fan cares because the actual game of football is officially over for 7-plus months. However, let’s look back at where each of the final AP Top 25 teams started and where “experts” predicted they would finish. Because not all 128 FBS teams receive votes in the AP Preseason poll, we have used the USA Today Sports College Football Countdown Rankings to compare where teams were supposed to land and where they actually did land.

Each team is ranked based upon their respective preseason ranking by USA Today Sports. You can also see where they actually did finish in the final AP poll.

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