Even though Tom Brady gets to see Rob Gronkowski on a fairly regular basis, that doesn’t mean that Brady can’t marvel at Gronk’s feats like the rest of us.

For instance, if you’re reaction to the catch above was “holy shit” or “how the f*ck did he catch that” then you, me, Tom Brady and humanity are of the same mind.

Brady was mic’d up for the game against the Broncos but Gronk’s one-handed grab was so amazing that it’s understandable if Brady forgot that fact for a couple minutes.

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After the game, Brady was a bit more expansive on what he thought of the catch:

“I think that’s one of the greatest catches I’ve ever seen, without a doubt. He’s running across the field, catches the ball with his left hand in the middle of the field in traffic. […] I’ve never seen anything like it.”

As is often the case, the first take is usually the best one.

[For the Win]