Texas v BYU

The BYU honor code is a well-known concept across the country but few non-BYU lifers understand the intricacies and details of the contents. The code was put on public display in 2011 when Brandon Davies, a forward on the school’s basketball team admitted to having premarital sex, forcing him to miss the NCAA tournament.

While the code is strictly enforced and students are routinely disciplined, it receives major criticism when a BYU student-athlete breaks the rules, especially a commercially attractive student-athlete.

Cougars wide receiver Devon Blackmon, a transfer from Riverside (California) College who previously spent time with the Oregon Ducks, has once again thrust that honor code into the national spotlight. Following rumors that Blackmon was suspended, he confirmed the reports on Twitter, an account that has since been disabled, and also gave the reason: earrings.

He wrote the following:

We have team standards, and there’s consequences if you don’t follow them, I shouldn’t wear earrings But I’ll bounce back.

Unfortunately for Blackmon, one former BYU football player isn’t buying it. Former Cougar defensive back Mike Hague said the following on Twitter:

Earrings??? Ha that’s comical and highly inaccurate. #smokescreen

The suspension is just one game, UConn on August 29th, and he will be available to play September 6th versus Texas.

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Photo Courtesy: George Frey