ESPN personality Michelle Beadle came out guns blazin’ on Twitter today with a refreshingly blunt opinion of one of ESPN’s below-average programs, First Take. As we mentioned earlier, Stephen A. Smith decided to enlighten all of us with a discussion of women and “elements of provocation.”

The SportsNation host apparently tuned into ESPN’s First Take on Friday morning and, like the average viewer (and us), left very unimpressed with Smith’s awful opinions:


Not only is it refreshing to see someone with nearly a million Twitter followers take a stand against Smith’s comments, but it’s also incredibly refreshing to see an ESPN employee willing to stand up to another ESPN employee for what can only be described as awful, awful comments about a serious issue.

Well done, Beadle. Oh, and if you want to watch the video of Smith (be warned), you can check it out here.

Stephen A. Smith countered with a massive Twitter rant, recapping why he is now “annoyed” that is worth reading here.

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Photo Courtesy: ESPN