divine scienze1

Earlier this week, the two-man collaboration made up of Brooklyn based emcee, ScienZe, and Queens rooted producer, King I Divine, followed up their excessively dope 2012 self-titled release by dropping their second effort, Divine ScienZe 2: The Wake Up Album.

In terms of superlative production, lyrics embedded with substance, and a collective style and vibe that effortlessly conjoins hip-hop and soul, The Wake Up Album exceeds success in the execution of marrying all of those elements. The album, which is constructed of fourteen tracks, carries with it an effortlessly euphoric flow over its forty-eight minute duration.

If the proverbial soul of Divine ScienZe’s sound is stationed in the precise and eloquent tracks constructed by King I Divine (who is one of the most underrated producers in hip-hop), then the heart of it, is unquestionably found in ScienZe’s self-aware, encouraging, and mindful way with words. The immensely skilled and impassioned emcee is an open-book of emotion and confidently wears his sentiment on his lyrical sleeve. That conviction is accurately portrayed on the track “Whole Half”, where ScienZe thoughtfully conveys:

“Ain’t no time to be phased. Life good, fam good, give the good Lord praise. Keep pace, watch clocks, but don’t give clocks space to run your life. We all blessed, just enjoy long days. Let the sun speak to you, remove those shades.”

Backed now by two potent projects, Divine ScienZe is an obscure offering in music form, that the present-day hip-hop culture is both yearning for, and so needs to purposefully embrace.

(Stream The Wake Up Album below, and go purchase a copy HERE)