Much like any “unreleased” Daft Punk track, it turns out to be fake.  So far there hasn’t been anyone claiming “Computerized” is a fake Daft Punk/Jay Z track.

Rumor has it, this track was destined for either Daft’s Random Access Memories or Jay’s Magna Carta Holy Grail, but didn’t make the cut for either albums.  Daft Punks subReddit have been ALL OVER this since it got posted there not too long ago. So far what they’ve come up with is that the song contains “elements” of the Daft Punk Tron: Legacy song “Son of Flynn.” Around the time Daft Punk were working on Tron’s soundtrack, Jay expressed interest in working with the robots.  A third rumor is that Kanye was a co-producer on the track but there hasn’t been too much evidence to back that theory up.

The track itself isn’t anything special, I’d honestly expect more from these two.  It seems like a demo they worked on briefly and then just forgot about.  Cool idea but I think Jay should leave the Daft Punk collabs to Kanye.


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