As if you needed any more proof of the quickly-evolving basketball terror that is Anthony Davis, check out this incredible sequence from Pelicans-Nets game on Sunday.

Late in the first quarter, Deron Williams, owner of one of the nastiest crossovers in the league, has Davis dead to rights for his signature crossover-into-step back jumper. Or, so he thinks. Davis, with his albatross arms, is all “oh yeah, bro?”, and casually swats it into the arms of a waiting Eric Gordon. Davis, noticing the ball coming down into his teammate’s hands, immediately streaks past the Nets’ last line of defense, the hapless Mirza Teletovic, who doesn’t stand a chance at catching up.

The Pelicans ultimately lost the game, 93-82, but plays like this are why everyone should be excited/scared of Davis, our future defensive overlord.

[frank den]