Seahawks 23- 49ers 17

This game epitomized the difficulty teams face trying to win the Super Bowl. A dog fight until the very end, game came down to one single play in the fourth quarter. Richard Sherman makes a play on the ball and tips it up for an interception, but looking at the replay, this amazing play could have just as easily gone the other way. If Sherman is off by four inches the ball lands safely in Michael Crabtree’s hands and we are all talking about Colin Kaepernick instead of Sherman and Russell Wilson. The NFL comes down to a few huge plays that could go either way and that is why it takes so much luck to win a Super Bowl. But this time, Sherman was on time and he tipped the ball in a miraculous play that afforded him the opportunity to say this:

“I’m the best corner in the game! When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s the result you’re going to get. Don’t you ever talk about me. Crabtree. Don’t you open your mouth about the best, or I’ll shut it for you real quick. LOB [Legion of Boom]!”- Richard Sherman

The bottom line we learned on Sunday, when you win you get to say whatever you want. Winning basically gives you free reign to say whatever you want. It happens in fantasy football leagues around the world, it happened in reverse to Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs because Kanye West thinks he won life, and it has happened for hundreds of years as Americans publish history books that claimed Christopher Columbus discovered America.

Sherman who often feels he does not receive enough acclaim for being a premier corner in the league, or in his worth the best in the league, the rant was blowing off steam after feeling disrespected. While it sounded like Sherman was upset with Michael Crabtree the real reason he has been so frustrated lately is because Eminem name dropped Russell Wilson in The Monster stead of Sherman.

Broncos 26- Patriots 16

With as many huge games as Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have played against each other, the second half of this game felt like high stakes game Texas Hold’em between two long time rivals who know every trick in the other’s bag. Both quarterbacks knew that no lead was safe, so every play was like an intense game of poker, Manning with a larger stack than Brady for most of the game. For Brady it must have felt like heads up No Limit Texas hold’em, but probably felt more like “Omaha” Hi Lo to Manning.

While the fourth quarter had a looming feel that Brady could mount a comeback, the Broncos just kept taking care of business on their side of the ball and put the game away. Tom Brady said that the Broncos played nearly a flawless game, and when the Broncos do that they are a tough team to beat, even for Brady. When the Broncos are playing their best football, beating them is like Keanu Reeves winning an Academy Award, you need someone to make a mistake.