Mike WoodsonIn light of two epic stink bombs the New York Knicks have coughed up on Sunday matinee games this season — their two worst losses of the season — head coach Mike Woodson is instituting a curfew for all players the night before 12 pm games at Madison Square Garden. How will Woodson enforce the curfew? By forcing players to sleep in a Manhattan hotel the night before, of course.

The problem is, this isn’t the first time the Knicks have stayed in a hotel the night before a Sunday home game. They stayed in one the night before a December 8th match-up with the Boston Celtics — a game they lost by 41 points (their other Sunday loss was a 31-point trouncing by the San Antonio Spurs on November 10th). However, it is the first time the curfew will be implemented. The trial run of the Knicks’ new curfew will Friday night, in preparation for a 12 pm tip-off against the Memphis Grizzlies on Saturday.

When asked about the change, Woodson explained:

“We’ve had those troubles and you know, we’re going to all get together tonight and huddle together,” Woodson said after practice Friday in Greenburgh. “I’m not going to let them hang out.

“We’re going to all get together, ourselves, as a team.”

That’s precious — and very high school of them. Meanwhile, Carmelo Anthony told reporters that he’s “hearing” of a 10 pm curfew, which, by our calculations, is roughly eight hours (give or take a couple hours) before J.R. Smith usually calls it a night.