Brandon Marshall has faced a lot of personal demons on his journey to being one of the NFL’s best wide receivers. Borderline Personality Disorder has plagued his mind, his family, and his performance for years, but he’s worked hard to overcome it to succeed in the sport he loves.

In between all of the pink shoes, towels, gloves, and flags commemorating Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Marshall will wear green shoes to honor Mental Illness Awareness Week. I know what you’re thinking and you’re absolutely right – the NFL has its panties in a bunch and will fine Marshall for breaking its strict uniform policy.

Brandon isn’t phased by it, though. In fact, he’s going to channel the fine into something meaningful: matching it with a donation to mental health and cancer awareness charities.

The NFL seems to be the only major league that takes umbrage with players or teams wanting to break the uniform policy to honor something. Just recently, the Washington Nationals were allowed to wear hats of the Navy baseball team to honor victims of the Navy Yard shooting. It wouldn’t kill you to stop being such a bully, Roger Goodell.

Good on you, Mr. Marshall. We got your back.

UPDATE: Marshall definitely tells NFL to shove it

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