The days of scary Iron Mike Tyson are long gone, but goofy, lovable Mike Tyson is far more fascinating and enchanting. Tyson gave a very candid interview to Fuel TV’s Ariel Helwani at UFC 160. The two discussed who’s the baddest man on the planet, how to improve boxing, how Vince McMahon would beat UFC President Dana White and what Evander Holyfield’s ear tasted like. Of course we all remember that Tyson gnawing off chunks of Holyfield’s ear and getting disqualified in the unforgettable 1997 heavyweight fight. Well Tyson did not avoid the question and quickly responded, “It tasted like sh*t. There’s some guys out there who eat human flesh. It’s horrible.” There you have it, human ears are not very delicious. However Tyson added, “Evander, he promotes a hot sauce now, and if I had that hot sauce that ear would have tasted a lot better.” Do I see cookbook in Mike Tyson’s future? Some titles Tyson could consider are “Mike Tyson’s 60-Minute Cannibal Gourmet” or “Bon Appéfeet.” At the end of the interview Mike gives some pearls of wisdom for everyone, “My advice, try not to bite anyone’s ears, guys. Please.” Knowing is half the battle.