Jets fans were already salty after the team parted ways with their best player since Joe Namath – CB Derrelle Revis. And it’s usually hard for fans in general to get excited about 1st round defensive picks. But the Jets’ 1st round picks – CB Dee Milliner (Alabama) and DT Sheldon Richardson (Missouri) – may have started to win some of their tough New York City fans over already as the young players discussed their plans for rival Tom Brady.

Milliner’s head is in the right place when it comes to their division rivals and their future hall of fame QB:

“It’s always a good challenge to go up against one of the greatest quarterbacks in our division. I’m looking forward to that,” the former Alabama cornerback said. “Hopefully, I get my hands on a couple of his balls and take them back.”

Sheldon Richardson added:

“Everybody wants a piece of Tom Brady and a guys of their stature,” Richardson said. “They don’t get touched a lot, really, or throw picks. So we’ve got to make him do that.”

These guys obviously haven’t played a down yet, but their saying all the right things to get be accepted with open arms by Jets faithful.