TV Ratings For Alabama vs. Notre Dame Could Have Been Worse

gameThe BCS National Championship game played on Monday night between Notre Dame and Alabama was expected to break viewership records since the moment it was set.  Unfortunately for ESPN’s executives, there were no records broken, but the good news is that it could have been much worse.  Considering the fact that Alabama was leading 28-0 after the first half, things could have actually been MUCH worse.

The below are just preliminary numbers, but give a good idea of where the bowl game should stand.

According to USA Today:

Alabama’s 42-14 rout Monday night of Notre Dame drew a 15.7 overnight rating on ESPN. That’s up 14% from last year’s game, another blowout in a Crimson Tide 21-0 victory against SEC rival LSU. But it’s down from the 16.1 for ESPN’s first BCS championship game two years ago, Auburn’s win against Oregon that was decided in the final seconds.

Overnight ratings measure the country’s largest markets. ESPN expected full viewership numbers later Tuesday.