As if Katt Williams needed any more reasons to lay low for awhile, this weekend definitely provided a few. Friday, we reported that Mr. Williams had bailed on his Thursday night show at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre — unconfirmed reports claimed Seattle police had pulled him over on his way to the theater. Irate fans took to Twitter and Facebook, recounting the four hour-plus ordeal. Williams did appear at his Friday night show, but considering nary a word was said on Twitter — seriously, we looked — the crowd must have been rather non-plussed about the whole thing.

However, a minor to-do occurred after Friday’s show. Police were called to the theater after a trio of fans claimed Williams attacked them while attempting to take a photograph. Williams claimed the group had tried to muscle their way into his dressing room. Police made no arrests in the incident. Good thing for Katt, because he prefers to be arrested on Sundays anyway. For some reason, the comedian was still in town Sunday afternoon, and right on cue, he got in an altercation at a South Lake Union sports bar. Superb Seattle Police Department blogger Jonah Spangenthal-Lee recapped the afternoon’s events:

Just before 2:30 pm, officers were called to the World Sports Grille—near 9th Avenue N. and Westlake Avenue—following a report of a dispute involving Williams and another patron at the bar.

During the incident Williams exchanged words with patrons in the bar, brandished a pool cue at a bar manager and refused to leave the business.

At one point during the altercation, Williams followed a family outside of the bar where, as the family got into their car, Williams flicked a cigarette through a car window at a woman, striking her just below her eye. Williams also threw a rock at the family’s car.

Officers arrived and arrested Williams, 41, who struggled with officers as they tried to get him into a patrol car. Officers were able to get Williams under control and transported him to the West Precinct.

Now, with footage of him slapping a Target employee — and fleeing on an electric cart — going viral over the weekend, it’s safe to say we’ve confirmed a celebrity for the latest edition of America’s Next Downward Spiral.

via SPD Blotter