With the NBA officially cancelling the first two weeks of the 2011-2012 season some highly anticipated games suddenly vanish off the schedule.  While the NBA will undoubtedly re-draw the calendar if a shortened season is agreed to here’s a quick look at five noteworthy games that are currently on the cutting room floor.


Chicago at Dallas, November 1st

The reigning champs vs. the reigning MVP.  You know this one would have had all kinds of offense with Rose and Nowitzki and really carried the momentum from the epic 2010-11 season into the new year.  This game might not have meant much in the scope of the season but it damn sure would have been fun.

Oklahoma City at LA Lakers, November 1st

Would this have been the game where KD officially takes the crown of most feared scorer from Kobe?  You know Durant would have been looking to make a statement.  Say what you will about the Lakers aging core but the west still runs through the Staples Center.

Orlando at Miami, November 3rd

The Heatles vs. The fighting Dwight Howards.  It was a toss-up between this one and the Heat-Knicks game that won’t be happening on November 2nd but this game could be where Miami sets the tone for the season as either a runaway East winner who only cares about winning it all or a slightly dysfunctional collection of stars that will struggle all year to get it right.


Toronto at Cleveland, November 4th

Noteworthy for all the wrong reasons as these teams combined to lose 123 games last season.  It’s safe to say the loser of this game would have had the inside track on the #1 spot in the lottery.  On the up side for these two teams the more games are cancelled the fewer they’ll be able to lose.


Oklahoma City at Dallas, November 5th

Is there any reason to think this rematch of last season’s Western Conference Finals wouldn’t have also been a preview of this seasons Western Conference Finals?  Is there any reason to think there will be a “this season’s Western Conference Finals” at this point?  Sad.