Cosby Sweaters is always tracking the NFL coaches hot seat. Below are two guys that desperately need wins on this NFL Sunday:

Wade Phillips – The Dallas Cowboys are in complete and utter disarray. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has come out multiple times this week saying that he stands behind his coach but absolutely no one believes that…including Wade Phillips. Tony Romo getting hurt didn’t help matters, but that team has enough players on both sides of the ball to win football games. Wade needs to bring his team into Green Bay this Sunday and get a win or Jerry Jones will post an ad on Craiglist on Monday for his replacement.

Brad Childress – No one has looked like a bigger douche bag over the last couple weeks. Childress literally escorted Brett Favre from Mississippi to Minnesota and cupped  Favre’s testicles throughout the 4 hour plane ride. He THEN publicly criticizes Favre for some interceptions. Criticizing Favre for interceptions? That’s what Brett Favre does. You knew that when you were on your knees in Mississippi praying for the 42 year old future hall of famer to come back and lead your team.

Childress continued to build confidence for Minnesota Vikings fans by dropping Randy Moss for criticizing some catered food and being a general asshole. Again… Criticizing Moss for being an asshole? That’s what Randy Moss does. This is the same guy who tried to run over a meter maid with his Range Rover.  There are now reports that Childress and his only remaining deep threat, Percy Harvin, almost came to blows at Friday’s practice. Chilly needs to get it together, re-instill confidence and get a home win against the Arizona Cardinals.