Any old sports web site can give you fantasy football analysis based on numbers but we all know that numbers don’t tell the whole story.  The only way to truly make the call on who will bring the fantasy football firepower is by going straight to the source and seeing what the players have to say.  Thanks to Twitter everything you need to know is revealed

Michael Vick (7MVick):  Vick is coming off three missed games and a bye week recovering from a rib injury.  The extra week should be enough to heal but based on this morning’s post he clearly thought the injury sever enough that he could die overnight:


It’s between you and god if you want to start a QB hovering on the edge of death but we wouldn’t recommend it.  SIT HIM

Jermichael Finley (JermichaelF88): TGI Finley (yes, he has branded himself using the logo of a mediocre chain restaurant) has unwittingly given up all the goods in his tweets this week:


Clearly TGIF will be playing with a heavy heart after getting so excited to see snow and then having his dream of building a snowman crushed before his eyes.  But far from being a distraction this will motivate him for a big game.  Don’t be at all surprised to see him strike a snowman pose in the end zone more than once.  START HIM

Miles Austin (MilesAustinIII): This guys Twitter updates are even worse than the Cowboys right now.  How are these supposed to lead to a prediction:


On behalf of Miles Austin I’d like to apologize with this series of images of his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian trying on Halloween costumes.  Just because he no longer gets to ogle her doesn’t mean you can’t:


Oh, since he didn’t Twitter “I’ve developed super powers and can throw the ball to myself,” SIT HIM

Ochocinco (OGOOchoCinco): You can’t talk about football and Twitter without The Ocho and the king of social media delivers with all the fantasy scoop you could possibly need:


As usual, Ochocinco said it all.  The Steelers defense is not only confusing but left him so twisted around he thinks a song written in 1954 was about him.   If the Steelers can do all that on film imagine what they can do in person.  SIT HIM

LaGarette Blount (Uh oh): So it turns out Blount Force Trauma doesn’t have a Twitter account.  Not to worry though, the Twitterverse still have answers.  In this case Melissa Blount (melissablount) who we can safely assume is closely related to LeGarette did have something to say:


Starting the day with Snickers on cereal?  That is someone willing to do whatever it takes to get the nutrition they need for peak performance.  A Snickers fueled LB will be absolutely unstoppable.  START HIM

Jay Feely (jayfeely): What can Twitter tell us about this Cardinals kickers prospects this week?  Let’s take a look:

Really?  The background is you on the driving range?  It’s appropriate given the Cardinals playoff but I’m a little unclear on how you will “change the world” from the par 4 9th hole.  The only thing more embarrassing than this entire account is that almost twenty thousand people are reading about him.  He’s a kicker, are you seriously that intrigued?  SIT ALL 19,233 FOLLOWERS

That’s all for week 8.  Follow these tips, win the week, check back next week for another unstoppable knowledge drop.