Football Sundays are lovely.  You get to sit around, watch the NFL, and of course treat yourself to a little bit of unhealthy food.  In honor of the 4th NFL Sunday we thought it best to commence the 50 wing challenge.  Let’s go.

Who? Big Skeezy.

What? We made a run to the Wingstop and picked up 50 boneless “Original Hot” wings.  Big Skeezy has 2 hours to finish all of the wings.  If he finishes them, Kyle and his brother will foot the bill, if not he pays.

Where? Kyle’s condo.  Sunday, October 3rd, 2010.

Why? Content is King and we were hungry.

Anything else? Big Skeezy has chosen blue cheese for a dipping sauce and Sailor Jerry’s rum w/ Diet Coke  as his bevie.

I’ll let the pics tell the story…

Game over.  Final Count is 35.  A valiant effort, regardless of having to fork over 70 dollars for dinner.