One of the more notable features in the new iPhone X is how there is no more home button because it was replaced by face ID, which you’ll now need to unlock your phone. Ever the creative and quick workers, Chinese vendors have already created a solution for an inevitable problem: “face masks” to protect your phone from being unlocked by other people.

If you have a fear that someone will try to unlock your phone will you’re sleeping (even though Face ID is not supposed to work with someone’s eyes closed, but no matter), you can order some of these masks on the Chinese site Taobao for anywhere between $5 and $15 in a selection of colors with a selection of available holes. Do you want to sleep in a morph-suit mask? Only want holes for your eyes, mouth or maybe both? All of those selections are available and ready for purchase.

There are also more luxurious face masks available as well, and maybe, just maybe, you might be thinking, what else could these masks be used for? Well, the entrepreneurs have you covered, suggesting (through rough Google translate of course), because you could use these masks at the office when you fall asleep in the late hours or next to someone else on a plane. The possibilities are really endless!

Or, you could do what most people are probably going to do and enable a normal passcode on your phone and disable Face ID, rendering these “masks” useless. But hey, leave it to great Chinese businessmen and women to create solutions for problems that will likely never exist, especially after a new iPhone is announced.


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