Division I college football crowds are typically a blast considering they’re filled with college-aged kids who will use any excuse to party themselves into another stratosphere, especially on opening weekend of the season/semester. The atmosphere is unlike anything else in sports and it’s a truly awesome experience.

That is, of course, if you’re not sitting in the same section as evil, fun-sucking clowns such as this dickwad from Arizona. Not only did this scumbag feel the need to destroy everyone’s fun by popping a beach ball in the crowd during Friday’s game against UNLV, he also decided to double-down on being a prick and give himself a round of applause for his actions.

Just look at the faces of those young kids in his section during the beach ball homicide. You can almost pinpoint the exact moment the youngsters are forced to realize that there are some truly awful people in this world.

Seriously, though…what an asshole.