The latest installment in our “Charles Barkley Attempts…” series (previously: mispronouncing Jonas Valanciunas’ name) comes from a karaoke session at Cat’s Meow in New Orleans, the site of this weekend’s NBA All-Star Game. A svelte-looking Barkley took to the stage to do what everyone thinks they can do: rap. Almost immediately, Barkley confirms the inconvenient truth of rap and karaoke: it’s almost always terrible.

Example: I’ve watched enough people over the years who think they know “Baby Got Back”, and, even when they do know it (aka, people who aren’t just waiting around for the “I don’t want none unless you got buns, hun” line), they can’t keep up (tempo, people!). “Gin and Juice” is easier than that, and Barkley still butchers it (he’s good at butchering things). Fortunately, some pros come to his rescue and finish it off correctly.