John Daly just doesn’t give a care. The outrageous golfer rocked these cow pants at the pro-am ahead of the Alfred Dunhill Championship at Leopard Creek Country Club. We want to hear you’re best captions in the comments below for John Daly’s interesting farm animal print pants.

I’ll get you started:

John Daly got drunk and was caught masticating in public. Again.

Apparently John Daly has beef with other golfers.

That’s about 17 leather jackets right there

After John Daly’s horrible putt he asked for a mooligan.

Keep John Daly away from the greens.

John Daly has nipples, can you milk him?

John Daly’s pants are udderly ridiculous.

John Daly – half man, half cow, all cowtaur.

Went to the restaurant and this was the Daly Beef Special.

John Daly totally goes to bars with those pants and asks unsuspecting waitresses to milk him.