Matt Schaub continues to take the brunt of the frustration of Houston Texans fans. First there was a “Pick-Six” burger named after him, then Texans fans cheered when he got hurt, then he was kidnapped and stuffed in the back of a car. The latest anti-Schaub stunt was done by the grocery store Kroger. Someone utilized Halloween decorations as an opportunity to point out that Schaub’s arm strength isn’t what it used to be. Amongst the store’s fake tombstones there was one that said, “R.I.P. MATT SCHAUB’S ARM.”


However Kroger later had regrets on their and released a statement:

Kroger would like to express tremendous regret over the derogatory Matt Schaub sign that was displayed at one of our store locations. It was created without the direction and approval from our marketing department. The sign has been removed. Kroger has been a proud sponsor of the Houston Texans for several years—in fact, this past weekend, we supported the Texans’ Pink Ribbon Day game, which promotes breast cancer awareness, a cause which Kroger is deeply committed to, and we’re excited to root on the team for the remainder of the season.”

Even though the Halloween decorations were taken down, someone should put pics of Matt Schaub’s arm in the frozen pizza section.