There’s a comedy bit by the hilarious Louis C.K. that describes how we don’t eat until we’re full, we eat until we hate ourselves. Now Louis C.K. is one of the greatest comedians of all-time, however this toddler is only 3-years-old and he can completely understand the suffering and regret caused by overeating. The poor young lad comes to the harsh conclusion that he may have overindulged in food while on the toilet, by lamenting, “I will not eat that much food again. Ugh!” Of the many delicacies the boy consumed were apples, poutine, cheesestrings, pickle chips, chocolate thingies, gummies, even more chocolate thingies and peanut butter with raisins. Is this kid pregnant having strange food cravings? The youngster thinks his cornucopia of food will clog the crapper by saying, “I ate so much food. That poo will overflow the toilet.” So next time you are contemplating pigging out watch this video and remember the self-hatred and disgust you will have after you’ve gorged yourself.