Having a spirited debate on who’s the better basketball player; LeBron James or Michael Jordan is a healthy and fun argument to have unless you’re having it with Michael Landeros and Armando Encinas. The two hardcore Jordan supporters walked into Ba’Runi Bar and Gril near Pittsburgh and began criticizing a customer’s LeBron jersey from his time on the Cleveland Cavaliers. The angry men stated that only Michael Jordan was worthy to wear No. 23 because he’s the “greatest ballplayer.” The two men from Maryland were at the bar for three or four hours and were constantly getting into arguments with bar patrons and even attacked the Pittsburgh Steelers. Eventually one of the sports debates got out of hand to the point that Landeros, 37, and Encinas, 23, began fighting with customers. The donnybrook turned dangerous when Encinas stabbed customer Tim Edwards, restaurant owner Alex Barlamas and employee Robert Gavula. Landeros has been charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and simple assault, and his nephew, Armando Encinas, faces two counts of attempted criminal homicide and three counts of aggravated assault.

Lesson learned, it’s not worth getting stabbed to defend your favorite player’s status in history.