Texas A&M quarterback and reigning Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel has been catching some serious flak in the media thanks to his rockstar lifestyle and partying habits. It’s not a shock that’s Manziel has been catching heat on Twitter as well, and the quarterback responded to some of that criticism by sending out a tweet on Sunday afternoon saying “Last time I checked double digit win columns and championships are what matters.”


A Twitter user who goes by the handle of @RatzinmyPants saw Manziel’s tweet and had a less than kind response, hurling a couple expletives at Johnny Football to let the QB know that Mr. Ratz wasn’t a member of his fan club. That’s when Manziel took the opportunity to take a brass stiff arm to the hater, with a little help from a friend of course.



A legendary comeback indeed. Oh, and Manziel followed up with one more tweet for good measure.



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