There’s something in the sauce in Kansas.

The Kansas City Royals have been on a tear as of late, with a record of 11-6 since June 5th.  The importance of that date: the introduction of Billy Butler’s barbecue sauce to the dugout.  The saga of the sauce has ever since grown to be the next of baseball’s quirky superstitions, with the sauce placed strategically in the dugout for every game, and the players trying different locations for it in order to optimize success.

The bottle of Billy’s “Hit It A Ton” Barbecue Sauce is also being revered as some sort of sacred baseball relic, players being allowed to touch it only when they’ve accomplished great things in the game.  Additionally, the sauce has taken on the same role as shaving cream and pie in walk-off wins.

Alex Gordon drenched in BBQ sauce after some late-game heroics.

To take it even further, Royals fans can now buy “Fear The Sauce” t-shirts with the proceeds going to charity.

The Royals have made it 12-6 this Sunday afternoon, with another come from behind win against the White Sox.  Superstitious or not, there’s no denying Butler’s sauce adding a little spunk to things down in KC.