New York Knicks guard is definitely in a slump and in dire need of a slumpbuster. In Smith’s last four games since he was suspended for elbowing Jason Terry he is shooting an abysmal 26% and in his last nine playoff games he has missed 93 shots, the most misses for a reserve in nine games since Eddie Johnson in 1989. The sixth player of the year was criticized by fans for excessive clubbing during the playoffs, to which he denied and brilliantly labeled them as bandwagon fans.

Luckily for Smith the Knicks don’t play Indiana until Saturday night so that allowed the guard to blow off some steam after the Game 2 dismantling of the Pacers, and what better way to get yourself right than party with Rihanna. The two were spotted at New York City hot spot Greenhouse. By the intense stare that Smith was giving Rihanna’s derriere, he is definitely hoping that she is “tryin to get the pipe.”