J.R. Smith

When the NBA announced J.R. Smith as the recipient of the 2012-13 Sixth Man of the Year award on Monday, it signaled the culmination of a changed man — a man who had stopped partying at nightclubs, focused on his game, and helped lead the Knicks to the third second seed in the Eastern Conference. Well, almost a changed man, as J.R. apparently hasn’t changed much in his approach to the opposite sex.

Recall earlier this season, when a text conversation between J.R. and a young fan went viral, in which the shooting guard bluntly asked “you trying to get the pipe?” As it turns out, the seeds for such gentlemanly offers were planted long ago, when a young Earl J. Smith, Jr. captioned his high school yearbook photo with the quote: “Get chicks or die trying”.

Never change, J.R. Never change.