Erving Walker’s college basketball career came to an end after Florida lost to Louisville in the Elite Eight. He’s probably going to consider going pro, whether that be playing in the NBA or overseas, but before he does that, he has to deal with a little situation.

From the Palm Beach Post:

According to the arrest report, Walker ordered a $3 taco from a street vendor downtown, received the food, then ran away without paying. When a police officer caught up with him and yelled for him to stop, Walker kept going, the report said.

The arresting officer finally caught Walker with help from “several marked patrol cars.” When the police reached Walker, he told them he was “just playing around,” the report said. The officer wrote that Walker “stated when he ran off with the taco he knew that he had not paid for it and that he was stealing food.”

Is it really worth getting arrested over a measly $3 taco? Not at all. Very poor decision-making by Walker.

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