Things got a bit testy during the 2nd quarter of Game 6 of the NBA Finals in Miami.  Right after Eddie House nailed a 3 pointer, a skirmish broke out between the two teams.  3 technical fouls were dished out to Udonis Haslen, Mario Chalmers, and DeShawn Stevenson.

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via @blazersedge

  • Jim

    Chalmers is just another thug idiot! I love to see the good guys prevail. Way to go Dallas!

    • Umtallha

      I think Chalmers is the best point guard in the world, what are you on about he’s a thug idiot? Plus i think he’s hot.

  • milmilmil

    Only Chalmers should be fined because wheh he came off the bench one or the referees no.9 was pushed back by him when he pushed the crowd back.

    • Your answer lifts the ineltilegnce of the debate.

  • Mary Beth Stearns

    Note to announcers: the word is “exacerbate” the situation, not “exasperate”.

    • DeaJay

      Editing is easy after the facts. The intent of the word/message is more important.

  • Reminds me of when “Big Snot Bob” Horry from San Antonio cost the Suns a chance to go to the finals when he cold-cocked Steve Nash with a forearm shivver to the mouth, knocking out a tooth, and Amar’e Stoudemire and Boris Diaw took one or two steps onto the court and were suspended from playing in the next game. They didn’t even touch or get near anyone…they stayed right in front of their own bench! “Big Snot” should have been suspended for a month at the start of the next season. You can’t tell me that the NBA didn’t screw the Suns on that one.

  • Umtallha

    I think Chalmers is hot and great basketball player, what is his number by the way

    • G-Man

      I think his number is 555-5555

  • He is just another example that you can take the Nig out of the Ghetto but you can’t take the Ghetto out of the Nig.. Punk B#TCH!