Thursday night during the 4th quarter of the Eastern Conference Finals, Derrick Rose stepped to the free throw line with only 30 seconds left in a 2 point game. Mike Bibby, who was on the Heat bench at the time decided to do his best Danny Ainge impression. He took a towel he was holding and right before Derrick Rose’s free throw attempt he threw it in the air. Was this on purpose? The evidence seems to point that Mike Bibby pulled a bush league move. What do you think?

via Traina

  • RIP

    So what? People will claim its poor sportsmanship. It is against integrity of the game.

    What about when players flop a charging call? Or overreact to contact to draw a foul? Coaches and players trying to play mind games to manipulate the refs?

    Are all these poor sportsmanship? They have been in the fabric of game for years now. Not too mention I seriously doubt Bibby’s maneuver was any more distracting than all the yelling fans trying to cheer him on, the cameras televising to millions, and general pressure of moment. Or the fact that even greatest FT shooters of all time only make about 90%, so occasionally there will be some misses to just luck.

  • CP

    I saw that too. Total bush league. Dismissing it as others do this and that is just stupid. Take responsibility. He did it on both free throws. INTENTIONAL! Should be a fine and suspension.