Floyd Mayweather had a pretty extravagant party on Thursday in celebration of his birthday, but the pic below literally took the cake. Floyd shared the pic on Twitter along with stating: “Now this is what we call the money cake.” Good for you Floyd.


And 50 decided to show up:

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  • Hick1856

    I would love to see Pac Man beat this guy to the ground. To big of a coward to fight him…

  • Tony Tonto

    Damn 50 is starting to look like a senior citizen. Yeah we all know Floyd likes money – so why would he turn down 40 million perhaps the best paid fight in boxing history? I am not so sure he will turn it down, let’s see what happens with Pac and Shane and then let’s see if Floyd is talking about fighting anyone. If he fights Kahn – he’ll be criticized, if he fights the winner of Berto and Ortiz – it will look better – and the truth is Floyd there is only one man we all want you to fight – wake up and smell the lumpia!

  • nyrvg

    “wake up and smell the lumpia!”
    Tony Tonto

    LOL! ………and the Tilapia!

  • Bill Nickerson

    It’s obvious that Floyd is ducking Pac, not doubt about it. I have lost so much respect for him

  • siargao

    I agree Tony…Floyd as in Roid is just a pain in da azz. Pacman will clock him out in under 8 rounds.

  • Happy Birthday Floyd continue to shake the haters! If Pac wanted to fight he would have exepted the drug test the first time.1 Floyd gave him ring size.2 Split money even did not usually 3 gave him glove size 4 Asked for drug test random(this changed everything) so Pac fans smell the truth your boy ain’t inocent..Arum,Roach know what’s at stake and when Pac is ready to retire he will come clean!Take a test (clean) and then you all will see and make excuses why??

  • t00intense

    Jimmie B you are a complete idiot. All of Gayweather’s problems stem from roid rage. His beating his ex, kids, security guard, etc. He can’t control himself because he’s too juiced up. Think about it you idiot before you spout out rumors thinking its the truth.

  • Average Joe

    Guess they were out of the cowardly lion cakes?

  • 4 the hard way

    t00intense you’re the idiot Floyd has taken and PASSED every drug test given. can your boy say the same? Pac is a heck of a fighter, burt him and his trainer know the real. just so long as they have D_ck riders like you they’ll keep this debate up.Tell Roach to tell you the truth,,,,he don’t want any parts of Floyd!!!

  • Happybirthday

  • Power VCT

    Well TonyT we all know PBF is a showman outside the ring and a technician inside the ropes! I believe we agree that the mess still endured isn’t 100% PBF fault, but he could have made some adjustments also!

    That being said, I still can’t see how the congressman gets past SSM and comes back to defeat PBF possibly later! I, too, agree with BHop’s assessment of last night stating “SSM does have a chance to defeat his opponent, if and only if he fights that perfect fight”.

    Now I know you disagree with my man Mike Jones (who), whom I don’t think he is a bit “herk and jerky”; nevertheless IMO, he will be the future of the division. Come back soon, plenty of current post available in this boxing thread!

  • Power VCT

    That’s keeping it funky!

  • Siargao

    4 da hard on…your the idiot here Pac not only passed every test but has taken test closer to fight time than Pink Floyd da hemmoroid.Get your facts straight.Floyd wont last 8 rounds with the worlds best fighter!!and its true Floyd called out the test to cover his own use.

  • Eddie Caccavarri

    IF YOU CAN’T BEAT ‘EM, ACCUSE ‘EM!!! Hey Floyd, who the f*** do you think you are imposing such rules? Are you a member of the Nevada Sports Athletic Commission? Admit it Floyd…YOU ARE A NI**** PATHOLOGICAL LIAR and a COWARD. Just sign the friggin’ contract and fight!!! After all is said and done, you’ll go down the history as the Greatest Coward Of All Time!!!! You know what, go to Thailand, a lot of boxers there accummulate 180-0, 140-0…all undefeated like you because they fight with sissies just like you.

  • islander

    you know you could’ve had more money on that cake if you’d just come out and fight pacman right? but i guess u wanna play it safe…i’d do the same thing.. keep my records to “0” loss…:)

  • If Pacman had any balls he would take the drug test and would of had a fight long ago. The only person that held this fight up is Manny. So, makes me think he’s actually the scary one. He knows without the steroids he’ll get his ass stomped.

  • SportsGoblin

    Floyd is the best in the world. Pac is using drug test to Duck Floyd. He said it is too close to the fight date. The amount of blood taken for the test is minimal and you recover within 24 hours. Ask any Plebotomist. He could also take an iron suppliment or eat iron enriched foods to recover faster. No Drugs No Win

  • Money

    At least when he does it, he doesn’t half-a$$ it. No way that stack is just $10,000 if they’re all hundos. That’s like 10,000 $100 bills… so a cool 3 million dollar money cake. Nice

  • Power VCT

    Well the fanatic followers and cult members have arrived! Fact is still fact, PBF say’s No Test and No Fight and the power pellet man has yet to accept that challenge!

    He has the opportunity to still undergo random testing against SSM but still refused! PBF already went through random testing so to say he called out the test to cover his own use is stupid and just another plain lie!

  • kepp2mys3lf

    I didn’t know juiced guys get voted Fighter of the Decade and get an invite to the White House when they couldn’t even elect Bonds to the HOF. Floyd just keeps throwing verbal jabs at Pac but never wants to get it on in the ring. I wonder why. Seems he never hesitated to beat up his wife.

  • maypac

    It’s all fake hundred $ bills same fake hundred $ bills that PBF distributed.

    Tony Tonto, wake up and smell the lumpia! And the Balut!

    P-VCT, Unfortunately you’re still with this “No Test, No Fight” huh? Come on DUDE that is NOT required by any State Athletic committee. You know that!

    Hey siargao! How you been Bro?

  • maypac

    Hey siargao how you doing?

  • maypac

    siargao, how you doing?

  • siargao

    Power Viagra Cialis Taker cause you still cant get it up!! get a life!! You and Floyd are both big pussies.KFC called ou that test to cover his own peanut head use,cause Pac never pissed dirty and took the test closer to fight time than Pink Floyd ever did.And you always gettin people kicked off sites like yahoo shows how much you get your ass kicked!!Your the biggest joke on the net next to KFC!!! LMFAO!!!Paman has the President pulling for him and he aint even american!! a black president!! Floyds own kind…..soooo funny!! Pac gets all the accolades Floyd gets nada!!!LMFAO!!!

  • Tony Tonto

    Hey Power – thanks for the nice line. I appreciate the good energy. As you know unlike many on here I am a big fan of Floyd – and I want to see him make the big bout. Meanwhile I like Pac over Shane and Berto over Ortiz and I just want to see May get back in. I am not excited to see him with Kahn – but at this point I’ll take that. It is a shame for Floyd to spend so much time on the sidelines when he is not getting any younger. As for Mike Jones I am keeping an open mind – as To Life noted – he did some fine work to the body. There is no substitute for hard work – ask Bradley – Jones puts in that kind fo effort he could be anything. Last, your boy Zab is working with Pernell and I want to see how it changes his style.

  • siargao

    Hey Maypac bruddah,how ya doin??Too bad ole Power and dat pus Gatticle to mention a few got us boys kicked off Yahoo.Are you still there??I go there but of course not the same name.How about Donaire bra?? Kickin ass,when ya coming to Cebu,big fights March 19.Miss our conversation and ass kickin of FloydFanaticFollowers!!!!

  • Hey siargao

    siargao, Getting someone kicked out is an act of a coward. I know that, that guy is one of FoxSports moderators, and is over stepping his boundaries, I must say. I know that he’s doing the deleting of profiles himself because he can as a FoxSports moderator. That same guy deleted my profile as well, and even went as far as blocking my IP address so that I cannot even log in with a new name.

    • Power VCT

      Boo hoo, boo hoo, boo hoo! Still crying like MP!


  • siargao

    So Maypac need to figure out a way to get you back on…anyways when ya coming this way?. try this to leave a message at..alohas_shaveice@yahoo.com wow cant believe some frigging moderator likes Power but he must be a George Jefferson too!!! dweebs in my book.

  • Power VCT

    TonyT-That’s whats up! I do agree with your assessments of Berto and Jones! I must say I appreciate you and a few others still discussing boxing also! As you see, some of the fanatic followers and cult members came here to chime in and are blaming me for there stupidity and lack of knowledge!

    Anyway, if your azz wasn’t a fanatic follower and cult member, then you would be able to log back in on Fox. It doesn’t really matter because your group only follows Power Pellet man with your heads still stuck up his azz!

    TonyT, we will rap later!

    Fanatic followers and cult members, sorry about your damn luck!

  • Power VCT

    BTW, there is no crying in boxing! Quit complaining and take your smack-down like a real beatrice! Learn to discuss boxing and respect the sport with your tongue in your mouth! Stop eating azzrice and quit whining!

    So long suckers!

  • Power VCT

    Hey siargao says:
    February 28, 2011 at 9:05 pm

    siargao, Getting someone kicked out is an act of a coward. I know that, that guy is one of FoxSports moderators, and is over stepping his boundaries, I must say. I know that he’s doing the deleting of profiles himself because he can as a FoxSports moderator. That same guy deleted my profile as well, and even went as far as blocking my IP address so that I cannot even log in with a new name.

    Boo hoo, boo hoo, boo hoo, boo hoo and BOOOO!

    Turn on the lights, because you are having a Power VCT nightmare in your sleep!

    Boo sucker!

  • The Truth no lie’s

    Everybody is hating on Mayweather this is what he want. Reality is he is the best boxer ever not only do his record show that, his fights show it. Watch a old Mayweather fight when he was 21, 22, or 23. He was the smartest, fastest and just overall best fighter than and he is the smartest, fastest and best fighter now. He never ran from no one why start now.

  • Kobe

    eff floyd. pacquiao would whoop him with ease! floyd is a scarred little coward even espn mocks floyd and his weak soft ways

  • Kobe

    clearly u know nothing about boxing lol .

    mayweather has ducked plenty of fighters, margarito, cotto, paul williams, etc etc youtube mayweather getting dissed on radio. real boxing fans expose this fraud. he`s not even a top 50 in all-time greats. his undefeated record means nothing, if it does, that means joe calzage is also just as great as he is. sugar ray robinson is by far way more superior and greater then floyd will ever be. floyd is nothing! hes garbage and crap!!!!!! scared little pussy

  • maypac

    Pee-VCT, stop pretending. You CANNOT and you are NOT be a FoxSport moderator! My comment being a FoxSport moderator was not directed at you. Only being a coward is and you are a sleek african-american Coward.

  • maypac

    Pee-VCT, stop pretending. You are NOT and CANNOT be a FoxSport moderator!

    FYI, I am already in communication with the FCC in regards to blocking my IP address so that I cannot even log in with a new name.

  • maypac

    Pee-VCT, time will tell how long your buddy (Gatticle) can keep deleting profile(s) just for the heck of it.

    As I said, I know that, that guy was and is over stepping his boundaries.

    Pretty soon someones going to do the, boo hoo, boo hoo, boo hoo, boo hoo.

    Because, as Donald Trump say it best, “You’re FIRED”!

    And I’l say, Bwaaaa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

  • siargao

    LMAO Power pus wants to claim the glory for shutting people that show his stupidity on a daily basis down!!! and wet back willy (gatticle) is the biggest loser of all time!!You got it going on Maypac and Kobe also hit it on the nose….Hey George !!Weezy is calling you son and better get home for she kicks your slick african american ass…..

  • Tony Tonto

    yes Floyd is not Robinson – but who is? Floyd is an artist and that doesn’t mean he has not cherry picked his opponents. don’t under sell Calzaghe for his weight he was one of the fastest handed fighters ever. hey who will Donaire fight next? Give Sugar Shane credit for being brave and liking money – he is heading for a very difficult evening and may well end it asleep on his back. last – I think Berto will take Ortiz out behind the woodshed and put a whooping on him.

  • siargao

    All good points Tony!!We are excited about Donaire and interested to see his next opponent.In the mean time Rodger Mayweather has his lips attached to a crack pipe again.And Floyd is still hiding!!

  • Hidalgo

    Mayweather is the most-hyped, underperforming, over-paid boxer in the history of the sport. He’s fought twice since 2007. The guy shouldn’t even be on the top P4P list. If the ever does fight Pacquiao, he’ll get creamed. The fool isn’t worth paying to see fight. Wait and see: Pacquiao will KO Mosley, then he’ll KO Mayweather–if the little chicken has the balls to stand and fight.

  • Power VCT

    First off for you idiots, I didn’t claim anything so now we all know you can’t read nor comprehend! But what else is new?

    Secondly, TonyT man you are on fire! Your assessments are still directly on point and I appreciate your enthusiasm towards the sport of boxing instead of just liking ONE fighter!

    Lastly, now you punks go tell whomever yourselves to stop treating you like the beatrices you are! He’s picking on me, I got kicked out, boo hoo, boo hoo!


    Don’t always be weak like water!

  • Power VCT

    siargao-Thanks for continuing on making the racist comments which your girlfriends support! Wet Back Willie/Slick African American Azz!

    Tell the girls I said hello!


  • Power VCT

    MP, I almost forgot; stop lying again. First you said you were a banker, then a teacher and now in the FCC! You lie worst than scArum, Roach, and QuackieO all put together! What’s next you have 3 master degrees and 2 Ph.D’s also!

    It’s so funny how you people hate PBF so much!

  • Tony Tonto

    Hidalgo – interesting point on Floyd’s inactivity. He fought twice in 07 Hatton and Oscar and twice sine then Juan Manuel and Sugar Shane. No fights at all in 08. One a year 09 and 10. Beside his legal issues his reluctance to fight is interesting. There are men out there not named Manny whom he could have made money fighting. So what’s the deal – my guess is that there is something wrong with his hands. While training for Hatton he was taking hand treatments and after he beat him he talked about retiring – and did take more than a year off. I agree with the critics who note he does not want to lose his goose egg – but I think there is more there than fear of losing. And do remember, even if you do not like him as a man, or if you find his style boring – he has been very successful at what he does and there are some real fights in his record. Personally, I believe he would provide an excellent challenge for Pac – the best out there – he has shown the consistent ability to change up his style during fights and to break men down over the rounds. I will be so happy when one day these men settle it in the ring and we can all go on to fight about something else!

  • Power VCT

    So true TonyT! The pages are just about ready to be turned for both fighters! PBF lack of ring activity may be his downfall, if he’s not already in the gym, and the congressman’s political life/schedule/training and the weight of his country may also become his downfall.

    Having said that, once again, I strongly believe the fight will be a mis-match after 3 rounds. PBF being the better fighter and more natural technician will adjust as always and dominate the fight. We did witness PBF become slightly more aggressive against SSM so he proved that he is more than just an accurate counter puncher.

    I hope they never fight because the congressman should have never fought above 140lbs. @ 147lbs against PBF, he will lose IMH and unbiased opinion!

  • maypac

    Pee-VCT, you have proven me to be right again, that you have comprehension problem. Dude, you are an illiterate African-American, you cannot read, read my post again. I said, I am in communication with the FCC not working for. Do you know the difference between in communication with and working for, don’t you IMBECILE?

    FYI, as a license Ham radio operator since 1995, I have constant communication with the FCC. Pee-VCT, remember the keyword, I AM IN COMMUNICATION WITH FCC NOT WORK FOR FCC, okay IMBECILE?

    I am an investor NOT a banker and yes I used to be a teacher, that part you got right on. And FYI, I only have one PhD.

    Go back to school Pee-VCT and take reading comprehension. I’m sure you will thank me later.

  • maypac

    Pee-VCT, another thing…I don’t hate PBF. I have no reason to, because I personally don’t know the guy.

    Although it is safe to say that I hate his racial rant on Manny Pacquiao and the Filipino people on top of beating up on women and threatening kids. And of course on what he would not do, face-off with Manny Pacquiao in the ring.

    In closing, I would really and highly recommend for you to go back to school and take READING COMPREHENSION DUDE!

    My brotherly advice.

  • Siargao

    You know i guess i am prejudice.I was taught to be a man and fight for what i believe in,so yes i am prejudice against ignorance!!Power VCT and Gatticle have both proved thier ignorance over and over again at Yahoo in a big way.I give Pretty in Pink Floyd his props and have done so more than once but his ignorance throws me off everytime.The racial ranting over Pacman and the Filipino is what is truly hated and you can see it daily from KFC and his fanatic followers.Whether its A.Americans or mexicans they are the core group of haters and its obvious why…..Manny would drill Floyd now!! a few years ago maybe it would have been a better challenge but now not so…Manny in less than 8 tko..!!

    • Power VCT

      Thanks for admitting you are a racist idiot!

  • don’Wan

    …as much as Floyds antics get on my nerves….all the running of the mouth and flashing and talking bout money…
    Pacquiao doesn’t stand a chance
    don’t know how people don’t see that
    Hate Floyd all you want, he is to skilled in all areas
    …a seasoned vet….way more than Pacqiao

    • Power VCT

      Man I am so glad you just simply wrote the truth without bias!

      Thank YOU!!!

    • maypac

      You’re right he’s too skilled to threat his own kids a season vet beating up on women and poke security guards on their face. Yup you’re dudgum right! Inside the ring against Pacquiao, PBF will kiss the canvas within 5 rounds…Roger, Jeff, Senior or who ever you are! LOL!

  • maypac

    siargao, Pee-VCT is still with his antics I see. My personal opinion is Pee-VCT is just hurt from the fact that his boy PBF is now a has been. And the fact that it is now Manny Pacquiao being the cash cow, #1 P4P and another Filipino, Nonito Donaire may even take the #2 P4P and place PBF down to #3 or even #4 ranking by placing Sergio Martinez #3 ahead of PBF.

    I hear that Nonito Donaire (26-1, 18 KOs) is expected a quick ring return on May 28 in an HBO main event, likely for a unification bout against Anselmo Moreno (30-1-1, 10 KOs), a 25-year-old southpaw from Panama.

    • Power VCT

      You sure do like my Power VCT inside your lips don’t ya! Maybe this is why you want to personally meet me!

  • siargao

    That looks like the next fight for Nonito Maypac!! He will knock out Moreno too!!Funny how these KFC lovers think so highly of a man who wont fight and has not only lost before(Castillo) but fought lesser challenges and when he won against like opponent he won less decisively! Floyd aint nothin special,great defense,bad hands.

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  • maypac

    Pee-VCT or Gatticle if you guys have them gonads meet with me any time and lets talk face 2 face to know each other more or better. Talking behind this keyboard/monitor with you two is frustrating. Who knows we may even become good friends. What do you guys say?

    7298 W. Manchester Ave. Los Angeles CA 90045

  • Power VCT

    MP, yeah I could come there so you can finally bow down and lick the center of my azz especially right after I have taken a good healthy shit of rice! That way you would become a official azzrice eater of The Power VCT!

    What do you say to that also or will you be just like that other punk in CA?

  • maypac

    It was an open invitation Dude in good faith. Again you’ve proven to the rest who you are, what you are Dude!

    Imbecile No Read, No Write Iliterate N1663R!

  • maypac

    Pee-VCT, mark the spot N1663R cause you’re all azz!

  • Power VCT

    Ah, MP has his panties all bunched up where he has to use the N-Word! I’m so sorry to have hurt your feelings! BTW, no I don’t want to ever meet you and have lunch! I’m very married, to a freaking lovely doctor, so I don’t hang out with guys but whatever you feel free to do in San Fran is your business!

    Take care sunshine,


    • maypac

      Is that where you hang out, San Francisco? LOL! If your wife really is so freaking lovely why is so freaking dumb to be with a freaking imbecile like you? I’m done with you DUDE! Just have your fantasy with your main squeeze Ilocano bakla buddy gatticle.

  • Power VCT

    MP still is a beatrice…go figure!