Joe Biden Arizona Republic

When former Georgia Bulldogs star running back Keith Marshall went into a meeting with United States President Joe Biden on Wednesday, he initially thought that it was simply a “PR play” from the president. But Marshall left the meeting feeling much different.

According to a report from USA Today Sports, Joe Biden spent about 40 minutes in a meeting with former college football players about health care, treatment, and benefits provided by college sports programs.

Keith Marshall said he left the meeting believing that Biden “is clearly very interested in being involved in the conversation” about the issues in college sports as well as “how to create a better environment” for college athletes.

While Biden and his staff didn’t delve too much into specifics and “didn’t get into any federal legislation … or that you can expect us to do X or Y or Z,” Marshall said that Biden “100 percent” believes that athletes should receive long-term health care for injuries that they may suffer while playing college sports.

It sounds like it was a productive conversation all around. More than that, it sounds like Biden and the White House are interesting in continuing to have those conversations with college athletes in the future.

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