Credit: Ron DeSantis Campaign

Former President Donald Trump has refused to show up at any Republican Presidential candidate debates so far in 2023.

The campaign of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has decided to call out the former President by using a metaphor that he’ll undoubtedly understand.

DeSantis’s campaign is selling a pair of golf balls with his logo on them, saying that they represent the “balls” that it takes to show up at debates.


Hey [Donald Trump], since you’re having trouble finding yours, buy a pair here,” reads the social media post for the pair of golf balls selling for $25.

“From running a budget SURPLUS in Florida to sending illegals to ‘sanctuary cities’ (who are now begging them to leave), Ron DeSantis gets the job done,” the ad reads. “If Trump had a pair, he’d show up in Miami to debate the real issues facing Americans. If you want to support a candidate who is out there EARNING the vote, get your pair below.”

For better or worse, Trump’s absence hasn’t done too much to hurt him in the eyes of Republican voters. Meanwhile, DeSantis’s early hype has receded and he now finds himself neck-and-neck with surging candidate Nikki Haley as the Iowa primary approaches in January.

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