Mohammad bin Salman Mohammad bin Salman

Over the past year, Saudi Arabia and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman have drawn criticism for their apparent attempt at “sportswashing” their public image by investing in sports like LIV Golf and soccer. But it doesn’t sound like bin Salman is too concerned about that criticism.

During a recent interview with Fox News, Mohammed bin Salman was asked about the “sportswashing” claims, and he had a pretty bold response, making it clear that he didn’t care and that the country will “continue doing sport washing.”

“If sports washing going to increase my GDP by way of one percent, then I will continue doing sport washing,” bin Salman told Fox News during the interview. “I don’t care. One percent growth of GDP from sport and I’m aiming for another one-and-a-half percent – call it whatever you want, we’re going to get that one-and-a-half percent.”

It’s a pretty insane announcement that made it abundantly clear that Saudi Arabia has no intention of slowing down their involvement and investment in sports anytime in the near future, and that led to all sorts of reactions on social media as a result.

It’s clear that Saudi Arabia will not be pausing its investment in sports anytime soon.

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