Donald Trump Bedminster, NJ- June 13,2023 — Former President Donald Trump spoke to a crowd of supporters outside the clubhouse of his Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, NJ, hours after he was arraigned in Miami.

Over the past few years, former United States President Donald Trump and his family have developed a pretty controversial financial relationship with Saudi Arabia that will undoubtedly lead to concerns if he is elected president once again in 2024. But it doesn’t sound like Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman is all that concerned about the controversy.

Saudi Arabia’s ties to Donald Trump and his family are through the nation’s Public Investment Fund. The fund is the primary financial backer of LIV Golf, which has a strong business relationship with Trump, even using his golf courses for tournaments throughout the year. The Public Investment Fund also invested $2 billion into the investment fund of Jared Kushner – the son-in-law of Trump.

During a recent interview with Fox News, Mohammad bin Salman was asked about the controversial financial ties with the Trump family, but he downplayed the concerns, claiming that as long as the investments are legal, there should be no criticism.

“If it’s not legal, then, definitely, we have to work it out, but if it’s legal, what’s the problem?” bin Salman told Fox News.

bin Salman also made it clear that Saudi Arabia would maintain its investments even if Trump were elected president, saying “keep it.”

This response from the Crown Prince certainly led to plenty of reactions on social media.

The Crown Prince may not see it as an issue, but Americans will be rightfully concerned if their president has direct financial ties to a foreign government.

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