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Former United States President Donald Trump likes to talk; there’s no real doubt about that. His propensity for long speeches and soliloquies might aid him in his political career as his supporters cling to every word he says, but it appears to have gotten him into a little trouble in the courtroom as he deals with his many legal issues.

In addition to the 91 felony counts that Donald Trump faces in four jurisdictions nationwide, the former president is also facing a $250 million lawsuit from New York Attorney General Letitia James, who alleges the Trump Organization successfully inflated property assets โ€“ including his golf courses โ€“ to secure favorable bank loans.

During a seven-hour proceeding this week, a lawyer for Trump tried to speed up the process by criticizing the questions from the opposition โ€“ but it backfired.

“We’re going to be here until midnight if you keep asking questions that are all over the map,” Trump’s lawyer Chris Kise said to James’ lawyer, Kevin Wallace, according to Business Insider.

“Chris,” Wallace responded, “we’re going to be here until midnight if your client answers every question with an eight-minute speech.”

According to Business Insider, Trump gave long-winded speeches about the beauty of the marble bathrooms at his Miami golf resort as well as how his personal “brand” helped him win the presidency.

The brutal interaction led to all sorts of of reactions on social media.

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