Senator Mitch McConnell speaks at the Kentucky Farm Bureau annual Country Ham Breakfast at the Kentucky State Fair on Thursday, August 24, 2023 Credit: The Courier-Journal

Stephen A. Smith has been letting his political opinions fly lately.

The ESPN host has found new life on his personal podcast where he can talk about anything he wants. In the latest episode, he took aim at the aging politicians that are atop both the Democratic and Republican parties and how change it needed.

Smith made it clear that he thinks the time has come for politicians like Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell, both in the 80s, to step aside from the national stage.

“These are not young, spry individuals,” Smith said. “Father Time creeps up on everybody. And if we’re going to point out how it’s creeped up on Joe Biden, we most certainly can point on how it’s picked up on Mitch McConnell. Period.”

McConnel was back in the news this week after having another freezing episode during an interview. The Senate GOP Leader recently suffered from a concussion after falling and hitting his head and has now had two public frozen moments.

Meanwhile, Smith isn’t a fan of Biden running for president once more either given that he is 82 years old.

“You got to get them. First of all, you look stupid enough because you call yourself progressives, and you’re riding the coattails of a guy that’s going to be 82 years old during an election year, begging him to run for reelection,” Smith said on the latest episode of his podcast. “You call yourself progressives and the best you can do is an 82-year-old that’s already in office, an 82-year-old incumbent.”

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