Jorge Masvidal Apr 8, 2023; Miami, Florida, USA; Gilbert Burns (red gloves) fights Jorge Masvidal (blue gloves) during UFC 287 at Miami-Dade Arena. Mandatory Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports

Last month, United States Women’s National Team superstar Megan Rapinoe made it clear that she would be supportive of transgender women competing in her sport. But recently retired UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal does not share Rapinoe’s opinion.

During a recent interview with Outkick’s Charly Arnolt, Jorge Masvidal made it clear that he would not be supportive of a transgender woman competing in women’s UFC matches, believing that it would be dangerous for the women.

“In my many years of my pro career, 28 years being on the mat, I’ve seen what happens when men and women spar and do both full speed. It’s a different kind of strength, it’s a different ligament strength. The testosterone, the bone density or our density, like how we could take a hit to give a hit. Women, I would never,” Masvidal said, according to The Daily Mail.

Masvidal does not think that even the most dominant women’s fighter in the world could compete with the top men in the world.

“Like, if Amanda Nunes, the greatest women’s fighter. If she competed against some of the top five guys at 135. I think a lot of people would watch just because she was so dominant beyond belief,” Masvidal said.

“No chance. No chance just on the strength department. It is like just something on that alone until you see it happen, it’s unbelievable. Like you could get a girl like Amanda’s caliber against a guy that’s not in the UFC and just on the strength department, but literally manhandle, you know, no pun intended.”

It’s worth noting that there have been multiple transgender women to transition and successfully compete in men’s combat sports.

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