Transgender flag A protester holds a transgender pride flag as part of a “Protect Trans Kids rally” in Sioux Falls on Sunday afternoon, Jan. 16, 2022 in support of transgender rights.

This week, the state of Ohio made a major move against the transgender community as a ban on transgender female athletes was recently added to a bill that already includes several anti-trans provisions.

Ohio House Bill 68 is a bill that, if passed, will prohibit minors from using puberty blockers, hormones, or undergoing gender surgery – even when their parents consent to the medical treatments. And now, that bill will include a ban on transgender female athletes in the state.

The sports ban would apply to schools that “participate in athletic competitions or events administered by an organization that regulates interscholastic athletic conferences,” according to

Ohio House Speaker Jason Stephens said he expects the newly expanded bill on the floor next week, and explained why the transgender athlete ban was added.

“They are similar issues; I think it puts the discussion all on the table here at the House at the same time,” Stephens said according to “I think that’s important. These bills have been around for a couple of (years of General Assembly sessions.) They’ve been talked about a lot, and I think it will be time for the House to have a vote on it.”

But the bill certainly has its critics, one of which called the bill “one big, terrible, mega bill.”

“Now it’s one big, terrible, mega bill and we need you to call your state representatives and tell them to vote ‘no’ on House Bill 68,” said Kathryn Poe, Equality Ohio’s public policy and digital communications manager, on the organization’s TikTok page.