Brett Favre

Over the past few months, former NFL star quarterback Brett Favre has been in the news headlines for some ugly reasons due to his alleged involvement in a scandal that took welfare money intended for Mississippi’s poorest residents. But it sounds like Favre doesn’t want people to read those headlines.

This week, the former quarterback appeared on Donald Trump Jr.’s “Triggered” podcast where he had a pretty harsh assessment of the American news media. Brett Favre claimed that “the left” controls “99.9%” of the news, giving them control over “the agenda.”

“If you’re watching the news, depending on who you’re watching, 99.9% of the news is the left. So there’s a huge agenda,” Favre said on the podcast. “They control the narrative.”

Due to his fear that the liberal left was controlling the narrative, Favre had a bold suggestion for anybody thinking of watching the news or even attempting to stay up to date on current events: don’t.

“The best way to squash that is don’t watch it – don’t listen,” Favre said.

It’s certainly a bold message from someone who has been the subject of hundreds of unfavorable news articles over the past several months, and people had plenty to say about it on Twitter.

It’s safe to say people weren’t really impressed with Favre for these comments.

[Ron Filipkowski]