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Super Bowl LIV odds


  • SAN FRANCISCO +2 (-115) +105 O 55 (-115)
  • KANSAS CITY -2 (-105) -125 U 55 (-105)


  • SAN FRANCISCO 1 (-104) +105 O 54 (-109)
  • KANSAS CITY-1 (-114) -125 U 54 (-109)

As one can see, the difference between the lines from each website minimal to the untrained eye. However, a point here and a point there can go a long way. That the Niners are underdogs of just a couple of points is a testament to the banner season they’re enjoying. The Chiefs went 54-26 in the previous five seasons, the last four of which were 10-plus-win campaigns. The 49ers went 25-55 in the same period. This season, Kansas City finished 12-4 and San Francisco 13-3. The Chiefs don’t remain unchanged, though. They put all their eggs in the offensive basket in 2018 and it backfired on them. This time around they learned to balance both sides of the ball. Their defense is not as good as the Niners’ but it’s enough to cover their asses. And as a result, the offense doesn’t have to score a million points every game.

Now, you may be weary of such a close point spread. Two things. First, lines are subject to change. Second, there is a plethora of side bets just about anyone other than kids and pets can make. These are the vaunted Super Bowl prop bets. If the spread or the total is too much math for you, why not bet on the coin toss? And if you can’t decide between heads and tails, just flip a coin. Heads you bet heads, tails you bet tails. Maybe you can’t tell a wide receiver from a tight end but have an encyclopedic knowledge of Demi Lovato. Test that knowledge; bet on the length of her national anthem performance. Or the color of her hair and outfit. Does she favor a mic stand when singing? Such info could come in very handy.

Have you ever fantasized about Jennifer Lopez and Shakira playing tonsil hockey? Maybe if enough oversexed Quagmire types bet ‘yes’ it will happen. Will J-Lo display butt cleavage? More importantly, does she have to? The whole country can draw her derriere from memory. Are you more of a Nascar fan? Then this props are for you: will a player leave and not return due to a concussion? And, number of players carted off the field. Obsessed with Jimmy Garoppolo’s sex life? Care to guess how many women will claim sleeping with Jimmy G. during Super Bowl week? Consensually, one would hope. Otherwise, there is Antonio Brown and whether he will be arrested on Super Bowl day.

Clearly, Super Bowl betting is for everyone. Prop bets are mostly harmless fun. Except for this one: will there be a bomb threat called on the day of the Super Bowl. That’s just giving people very bad ideas.