Over the years, the world has changed a lot. However, it is true that some things have remained the same. Football is a great example of this. While the sport itself has changed during recent years, the popularity of the sport has remained at peak levels. Despite a few slides here and there, the NFL is still the most popular sporting league in the United States. Thankfully, the preseason is right around the corner. Within this guide, you’re going to discover NFL news that will get you pumped up for the preseason.

Antonio Brown Injury

The Raiders signed Antonio Brown with the hops of boosting its offense. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet. It has nothing to do with Brown’s ability on the field. Instead, it has something to do with his feet! It has been announced that the star receiver has been dealing with an unusual foot ailment. That has kept him off of the field. What is the problem? Well, those around Brown are unsure. It is believed that it might be frostbite. Or, it would be an old infection.

Either way, fans of the Raiders will want Antonio Brown healthy so he can shine on the field. Thankfully, he should have plenty of time to recover before the regular season gets underway.

Kyle Van Noy

It would be tough to find someone who wouldn’t want to play for the New England Patriots. After all, the game is always right there in contention for the Super Bowl. However, you should know that Kyle Van Noy wasn’t too happy when he was traded to the Patriots. He was playing with Detroit before being traded in October of 2016. Initially, he was upset with the decision. Why? Well, he explained that he felt like he was finally making a breakthrough.

He was injured early in Detroit. Right before the trade, he was starting and he was showing off his skills. Then, he got traded. In other words, it was just bad timing. Nevertheless, the trade has proven to be a good one for everyone involved except the Lions. Van Noy has been great for the Patriots and the team has helped him develop his skills too.

Buccaneers Could Play Without Vita Vea

If you take a look at the online pokies real money, you’ll find out that the Buccaneers do not have good odds this season. Analysts do not believe that they’ll have the chance to contend for the championship. However, they could be a good underdog bet. Nevertheless, it seems like problems keep coming for the team. This week, it was announced that first-round drafted Vita Vea could be off of the field for a little while. The 24-year-old was drafted 12th in 2018. The player walked off of the field during practice after suffering a leg injury. Further testing is needed to determine whether or not he’ll be required to go through surgery.

However, things look bleak at this point. It is said that Vea will most likely be required to undergo an MRI on his knee. Vea was set to be a major factor for the team’s new defense. Unfortunately, it appears that he might not be around for the start of the season. Only time will well. Until then, the team will be required to rely on Beau Allen.

Dak Prescott Gets Support

The Dallas Cowboys has always been one of the hottest teams in the NFL. While they do not always shine on the field, the team manages to bring in millions in revenue. So, what has gone wrong? Well, a lot of fans claimed that last years loss was the fault of the quarterback. They believe that Dak Prescott doesn’t have what it takes to be a successful quarterback in the NFL. Well, Dak has received support from team owner Jerry Jones. Jones has said that Dak has the leadership and intangibles he wants.

He also went on to say that Dak’s coaches and teammates have showered him with praise during this season’s training camp. For Dallas to be successful, they’ll need a good quarterback. Is it only a matter of time before Dak steps up and fills the void? Or, will the team continue to fall apart and lose again?