In one of the dumbest suspensions across all of hockey, Florida Panthers prospect and current Mississauga Steelheads forward Owen Tippett was suspended for a game for flipping a foam puck over the boards.

You can see a foam puck make its way on the ice. Tippett supposedly shot the puck back over into the stands.

Frankly, it’s baffling Tippett got a suspension for this at all. He wasn’t trying to harm anyone or anything close to that, instead, he was just flipping a foam puck which made its way onto the ice back into the stands. To get a suspension – even a one-game ban – is ridiculous. Is the CHL that stingy on the price of pucks? Because this wasn’t even a real one! No one is going to get hurt by a foam puck.

The suspension lacks any rational explanation besides liability concerns (it’s a foam puck!). Tippett will have one-game to figure out just what the heck he did that was wrong.

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