In one of the most unexpected crossovers of the early sports season, NHL star Drew Doughty randomly showed up after the Houston Rockets beat the Los Angeles Lakers this weekend.

The Los Angeles Kings defenseman was in L.A. to catch LeBron James first home game in gold and purple. After the Rockets defeated the Lakers 124-115, Doughty was caught on cameras saying some words to 2017-18 MVP James Harden.

It’s unclear what Doughty said to the All-NBA first team guard. However, seeing Doughty there at all after the game was an unexpected surprise. The 28-year-old reps Los Angeles, so I’d guess his words were more like “will get you next time,” or something of that nature. I doubt he was talking too much trash after a loss.

Now, we just need to figure out what Doughty said to Harden. Regardless, it’s cool to see two star athletes from completely different sports in the same spot. It’s an expected delight.

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