Derek Jeter is ready to move on from his New York castle.

According to TMZ, the Miami Marlins owner and former Yankees legend has listed his 11,000 square-foot home in New York for $14.75 million. It’s a high asking price, but the house is loaded with features. It’s got six bedrooms, four kitchens, a game room, a gym, a bar, a turret (WTF?) and enough space to make anybody happy.

The listing showcases how Jeter’s former home is a literal castle.

“Loaded with rustic atmosphere and many stunning architectural features such as the soaring wood-beamed ceiling in the great room, large stone fireplaces, stone turret and a stone bridge traversing a lagoon, many elements duplicate what one would find in the European castles in history, making it feel very authentic.”

Jeter used the castle as a summer vacation home when he was a young child. He bought the property back in 2002 and restored it heavily.

The listing makes the castle seem unnecessarily authentic and lavish Рwhich is what all properties that large should be. For those with $15 million lying around and looking for a literal castle in New York City, give Jeter a call.


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