Erik Kratz is coming clean about faceplanting on Opening Day back in 2016.

ESPN’s Buster Olney recalled the story of Milwaukee Brewers catcher (then a member of the Houston Astros) falling during introductions on Opening Day. As the story goes, Kratz was offered $1,000 to fall as he took the field. Kratz agreed and face-planted in front of a full stadium. It was hilarious.

The story was correct except for one big detail. Kratz admitted it wasn’t for $1,000 but for $2,000, although he would have taken $250.

For a journeyman catcher – and to most people – $2,000 is a lot of money. Kratz was offered a decent chunk of change to fall over and took it. It’s an honorable and completely understandable stance.

Kratz is just an awesome dude with an incredible story. At 37, he made his first postseason ever and he’s been a big part of the Brewers postseason success. Still, I’d wager if you offered him the same deal today, he’d take it. Kratz is just a smart businessman, even if it makes him look silly at times.

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